Advantages and Disadvantages of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is a commercialized soluble form of the famous coffee bean that we all drink every morning. The method of dehydrating the coffee beans go through two main processes which are freeze drying and spray drying.

Dehydrating and packing coffee has given us a lot of benefits, namely lesser volumes of coffee shipped worldwide, faster coffee preparations and a longer storage life. Instant coffee has made mass distribution more convenient. Instant coffee mixes for various espresso blends are also becoming more and more popular.

Instant coffee has truly made life a lot easier but compared with naturally brewed coffee, it still falls short in some aspects of the drink. Since soluble coffee undergoes a dehydration process, it takes away most of that natural flavor that we enjoy. Although caffeine content still generally stays the same for instant and natural coffee, researchers have seen a significant decrease in the amount of antioxidants present in processed coffee, like teaching how to life coach without the added information.

One unnoticeable problem with coffee is in its storage. Even if the dehydration process that the coffee undergoes eliminates the water content and makes it last a lot longer, it’s this process that makes the coffee more vulnerable to spoilage as well. Ironically, when coffee is processed and dried, it becomes more absorbent to water. Unless processed coffee is packed carefully in airtight containers, it spoils a lot faster when it gets wet.

Another disadvantage of instant coffee is quality – not only in its taste but also in the beans used. Most companies who process instant coffee don’t actually use high quality coffee beans because the method of creating instant coffee takes away the rich flavor of the beans anyway. To cut costs and avoid the impracticality, businesses just use low quality coffee beans for instant coffee.

No one has died of instant coffee yet and if you’re not a coffee aficionado, drinking a cup of soluble coffee might not really be such a bad idea.